International Journal of Secondary Metabolite is published 2 times a year and accepts English, Turkish and Russia-languages manuscripts covering all areas of plant biology (medical aromatic plants. plant physiology, biochemistry, plant chemistry, allelopathy, plant hormones, secondary metabolites, plant biotechnology, antioxidant). Authors are required to frame their research questions and discuss their results in terms of major questions in plant biology. In general, papers that are too narrowly focused, purely descriptive, or broad surveys, or that contain only preliminary data or natural history, will not be considered. Contribution is open to researchers of all nationalities. The following types of article will be considered:

1. Research articles: Original research in various fields of botany will be evaluated as research articles.

2. Research notes: These include articles such as preliminary notes on a study or manuscripts on a plant physiology and new records.

3. Reviews: Reviews of recent developments, improvements, discoveries, and ideas in various fields of plant biology will be requested by the editor or advisory board.

4. Letters to the editor: These include opinions, comments relating to the publishing policy of the International Journal of Secondary Metabolite, news, and suggestions. Letters are not to exceed one journal page.