The Effect of Storage on Some Properties of 3 Different Ground Poppy Seed Fats

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Besim Maden Seda Yalcin


The poppy seed is a traditional product in Afyon. There are there type poppy seed. These are white poppy seed, yellow poppy seed and gray poppy seed. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of storage at 15-20⁰C for several times (0, 7, 15, 30, 45 and 60 days) on some properties of 3 different poppy seed fats. In this study, fats were obtained from white poppy seed (TMO1), yellow poppy seed (TMO2) and gray poppy seed (Afyon-95). Then free fatty acid amount (%), peroxide value (meq O2/g) and iodide number of these fats were analyzed. Free fatty acid amount, peroxide value and iodide number at these fats were increased with increasing of storage time, but this increase was little. The results of 3 different poppy seed fat were found as similar. It was concluded that three different poppy seed fats were stabile for long times at 15-20⁰C. It was investigated the effects of storage on L*, a*, b* color values of three types of poppy seed fats and total phenolic contents of these fats were determined. The fat contents of three types of poppy seeds were found as 53.85 % (white poppy seed), 49.85% (yellow poppy seed) and 49.17 % (gray poppy seed). L* and b* color values of white poppy fat and gray poppy seed fat were decreased when storage time was increased, while a* color values of those were increased. L*and a* color values of yellow poppy seed fats were increased when storage time was increased, whereas b* color value of that was decreased.

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