Determination of Essential Oils Components of Maclura pomifera (Osage Orange) Fruit from Turkey

Rifat Battaloglu


This study was conducted to determine the essential oil components in Macrura pomifera, a North American plant. The essential oil components were determined by GC / MS method after the essential oil isolation of the fruit sample was completed. The relative abundances of the chromatograms obtained as a result of the analyses were compared with the similarity indices of the probable results in the library of the GC / MS for the highest peaks and retention index calculations were made from the retention time. As a result of the analyzes, the structure of 28 essential oil components in the fruit was clarified. When the components were examined, dodecanal (9.05%), Eugenol (8.36%) and α-humulene (7.84%) emerged as the first three major components. Other compounds are less common than these three compounds.



Maclura pomifera, osage orange, essential oils.

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