The Aromatic-Medicinal Plant Taxa of pure Scots pine stands in Sürmene - Camburnu (Trabzon)

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Forests not only produce wood raw material ecosystems, but also that have rich medicinal and aromatic plants. In addition to this situation, forests have been produced many goods and services. Regulation of protection-utilization balance with wood and non-wood herbal products is very important to these ecosystems. In order to ensure sustainable utilization of forest ecosystems, first of all, it is necessary to identify the natural resource components in these ecosystems. In this study, medicinal-aromatic plants of natural Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands, which are a sensitive ecosystem, were investigated in 2013-2014. Pinus sylvestris has special ecological conditions in Sürmene-Çamburnu (Trabzon) region because in this region Pinus sylvestris is descending down to the beach. In the study, 81 (77%) out of 105 vascular plant taxa were found to have medicinal-aromatic potential. The parts of the identified plant taxa used for different medical and aromatic purposes are explained in detail. In addition, recommendations were made about regulation of utilization in sensitive ecosystems

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