Determination of the Health Services Vocational School Students’ Thoughts and Usage Habits About Herbal Treatment

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Gülsüm Yetiş Turgay KOLAÇ Perihan Gürbüz Zehra Deniz Yakıncı


Usage of complementary-alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing in a rapid manner. Among CAM, herbal applications come in the foreground. This cross-sectional study was conducted by using ‘questionnaire application method’ on 342 students in Inonu University Health Services Vocational School. Analyzes of the data was made by SPSS 17.0 programme by using frequency, percentage and q-square tests. According to the data, 44.1% of the students were obtained to use herbal treatment. Among students; 70,0% stated that they believed in alternative treatment, 72,5% said that the product they used had been good for themselves. The choiced herbal treatment products by students were; products that strengthen the body and the immune system, skin care products, hair care products, pain relief products, products for burn treatment, essences for perfume, slimming products in order. The rates of herbal treatment usage were found to be higher and statistically significant in the groups which; found herbal treatment usage correct, saw the benefits of the treatment that had already been used and were informed about the herbal treatment. It was determined that the students did not investigate different effects or usage purposes of the products they used. The unconscious use of herbal products can cause variety of health problems. Due to their youngness and vocations it is important to determine ‘health services vocational high school students’ knowledge level about herbal and alternative treatment. The purpose of this study was to determine the consciousness about herbal treatment and the usage of herbal remedies by health services vocational high school students.

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