The Effects of Increasing Mycorrhiza Applications on Some Biological Properties of Baby Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Plant

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Funda Eryılmaz Açıkgöz Sevinç Adiloğlu Yusuf Solmaz Aydın Adiloğlu


The study was done to determine the effect of increasing mycorrhiza application on some biological properties of baby carrot plant. According to the pot experiment results, important increases in some biological properties of baby carrot plant were determined with increasing mycorrhiza applications. The tuber diameter were determined as 9.79 cm, 11.09 cm, 12.58 cm, 13.60 cm, 13.80 cm and 14.25 cm; height of leaf 12.98 cm, 15.11 cm, 15.00 cm, 16.07 cm, 17.79 cm and 16.81 cm; number of leaf  7.11 cm, 7.44 cm, 6.99 cm, 7.89 cm, 7.66 cm and 8.11 cm at I. dose: 0 ml /pot, II. dose: 120 ml / pot, III. dose: 150 ml / pot, IV. dose: 180 ml /pot, V. dose: 210 ml /pot and VI. dose: 240 ml/ pot, respectively. These root diameter and height of leaf increases were determined significant at the level of 5 %, statistically. The effect of mycorrhiza application on number of leaf was not found statistically significant.

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