Transgenerational Transmission of Radiation-Induced Expression Patterns of Arabidopsis Thaliana (L.) Heynh. Rad51 and Rad1 Genes

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Sergey Litvinov Namik Rashydov


Transcription rates of the genes AtKu70, AtRAD51, AtRad1, involved in maintaining Arabidopsis thaliana genome stability, in relation to the modification of phenotypic characteristics in irradiated plants and their progeny after the action of acute and fractionated X-ray radiation were studied. Differences in the transcription rate were measured by densitometric analysis of cDNA, synthesized by reverse transcription at the template of mRNAs, extracted from fresh leaves after 2 hours irradiation treatment. The doses 3 Gy, 12 Gy, 15 Gy and 21 Gy with 1.48 Gy/s specific dose rate were applied. Significant correlation between phenotype modifications in F0 and F1 generations, between phenotype traits and caretaker genes activity in irradiated F0 plants were shown. Also preservation of changes in the pattern of AtRad1 and AtRAD51 but not AtKu70 expression in F1 plant leaves had been revealed. Changes in F1 compared with F0 generation do not correspond to the extrapolation of dependence between the phenotypic modifications and DNA repair genes transcription rate in the leaves of irradiated plants. Based on the obtained data it could be suggested that the altered transcriptional activity of AtRAD51 and AtRad1 reflects the transfer of DNA lesions from parent to offspring.

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