Mineral composition of some wild mushrooms from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

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Sema Sezgin Abdullah Dalar Yusuf Uzun


Within this study 40 samples including sequential extracts, water extracts and drog samples obtained from five mushroom samples wild grown from Turkey were evaluated for their mineral composition analysis. All samples were found as rich sources of minerals notably Ca, K, Si, Mg, Se and Si which might contribute health enhancing properties. The levels of heavy metals were detected in low amounts in the extracts of mushroom species (except T. populinum). Acetone and ethyl-acetate were detected as the most efficient solvents in the isolation of minerals from mushroom samples. Our findings showed that extracting of mineral compounds were varied due to the type of solvents applied and mycochemical diversity and the reported mineral compounds profiles suggest that these wild-edible mushrooms might be potential sources of therapeutic nutraceuticals.

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