Agrobacterium – caused transformation of cultivars Amaranthus caudatus L. and hybrids of A.caudatus L. x A. paniculatus L.

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Olha Mikolaivna Yaroshko Mykola Vyktorovych Kuchuk


The procedure for vacuum infiltration of cultivars A. caudatus L. and hybrids of A. caudatus L. xA. paniculatus L. was optimized. The functioning of gene construction pCBv19 in the Amaranthus leaves was evaluated by the transient expression after vacuum infiltration with Agrobacterium rhizogenes A4. After hypocotyl transformation of the varieties of amaranth species  A. caudatus L.: Helios, Karmin, Kremovyi rannii, and hybrids    A. caudatus x A. paniculatus L. – cv. Sterkh, A. caudatus x Sterkh - cv. Zhaivir with the wild strain A. rhizogenes A4, the culture of "hairy roots" was obtained. Embedding and transcription of genes in the roots are confirmed by the results of the PCR analysis.

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