In vitro anticoagulant and antiinflammatory activities of Geastrum fimbriatum Fr., namely as Earthstar fungus Biological activities of Geastrum

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Nurdan Sarac
Hakan Alli
Tuba Baygar
Aysel Ugur


Mushrooms have great potential to be used as food and pharmaceutical sources. Most of the non-edible mushrooms contain biologically active metabolites that are functional for modern medicinal applications. Within the present study, anticoagulant and antiinflammatory activities of Geastrum fimbriatum Fr. (Syn. Geastrum sessile (Sowerby) Pouzar), a mushroom naturally grown in Turkey, were investigated. The in vitro anticoagulant activity of the ethanolic extract obtained with a soxhlet apparatus determined by activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) and prothrombin time (PT) assays using commercial reagents. The antiinflammatory activity of the extract was determined by lipoxygenase inhibition assay. When compared with the negative control DMSO, G. fimbriatum extract exhibited significant anticoagulant effects in the APTT test that evaluates the intrinsic coagulation pathway. The ethanolic extract found to prolong the coagulation time. However, no inhibition was observed in the PT test which evaluates the extrinsic coagulation pathway, The extract showed 12.92% inhibition on the lipoxygenase enzyme activity. Overall, G. fimbriatum ethanolic extract exhibited potent antiinflammatory activity besides being a potential source of anticoagulant. Further analysis is required to evaluate the medical use of Geastrum mushrooms from a pharmaceutical point of view.

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