About the Journal

Aim & Scope

International Journal of Assessment Tools in Education (IJATE) is an international, peer-reviewed online journal.

IJATE is aimed to receive manuscripts focusing on evaluation and assessment in education. It is expected that submitted manuscripts could direct national and international argumentations in the area. Both qualitative and quantitative studies can be accepted, however, it should be considered that all manuscripts need to focus on assessment and evaluation in education.

International Journal of Assessment Tools in Education (IJATE) accepts original research on the design, analysis and use of evaluation along with assessment to enhance comprehending of the performance and quality of stakeholders in educational settings. IJATE is pleased to receive discriminating theoretical and empirical manuscripts (quantitative or qualitative) which could direct significant national and international argumentations in educational policy and practice.

IJATE encourages submissions of three types of research articles-feature articles, reviews/essays, and briefs. Technical comments may also be submitted. Your work must be of a quality and context that Editorial boards think would be of interest to an international readership.

This journal is specifically counted for research that provides new knowledge and encourages innovative applications in the fields of:

• Measurement processes & techniques,
• Innovative approaches for developing measurement instruments,
• Innovative assessment strategies,
• Measurement and evaluation in education and psychology,
• Cross-cultural assessments,
• Large-scale assessment and its applications on education,
• High stake testing and its reflection on education,
• Validity studies,
• Issues related to measurement & assessment,
• Classroom assessment,
• Applying statistical approaches to problems and issues in educational or behavioral research,
• Tutorial presentations of less well known methods,
• Novel applications of already-known methods,
• Reviews of software packages used in applied measurement,
• Educational research problems by using a review approach (thematic or methodological reviews, or meta-analyses),
• Research on how reforms and interventions affect assessment outcomes,
• On-going and emerging methodological debates across a range of approaches, both qualitative and quantitative.